Forwarding domain name:

Select the forwarding type in the upper menu. For a "normal" and "iframe" forwarder you can add the URL yourself. Would you like to link your domain name to a webpackage such as Weebly? Then you can easily choose your package from the list so that your domain name will be linked to the server of your webpackage. After doing this, you usually need to verify the change through your settings at the external webpackage. Lastly, you can forward domain name to a different ip address. 

Forwarding email:

It is free to forward all emails from ...@yourdomain.extension to a alternative e-mail address. With this you can only receive emails through your domain name, you will not be able to send emails (with webhosting you will be able to send emails). Set an alternative email address and click on "execute". Do you have an account through Google Apps or Office 365 than you can link your email to these accounts. You can verify the link via the external accounts. Lastly you can also configure different MX-records when you have your own email server. 

Depending on the forwarding type it can take a maximum of 4 hours before the adjustment has been technically processed in your internetbrowser.