Manage your domain


You have registered a domain at CatchTiger and you would like to manage the domain. This can be done at Domainwinkel, you can login to your account via the button below to manage the domain.

How do I log in?

If you caught a domain for the first time you will receive a mail from Domainwinkel which contains the login credentials for your account. You can log in with the same mail adress that you use at CatchTiger. If you do not remember the password, you can request a new password using the "forgot your password?" link.

What can I do with my domain?

Of course you want full control over your domain name, Domainwinkel has the following features:

  • DNS management
  • Nameserver control
  • Redirects
  • WHOIS management
  • Bulk management*

* Domainwinkel has an extensive filtering system that lets you manage multiple domains. Want to simultaneously change the name servers for multiple domains? No problem at Domainwinkel.

How do I link hosting to my domain?

Domainwinkel offers hosting solutions as well. So do you want to build your own site? We've got you covered. Recent research has shown that Domainwinkel is the fastest hosting provider in the Netherlands. You can look at our hosting solutions via the button below: