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Go green! - How to install your free SSL certificate?


Of course, you already knew that it’s very important to protect your website against intruders. But are your protecting actions enough? Do you already use a SSL certificate? At Domeinwinkel you can install your free SSL certificate in your DirectAdmin panel.


A Let’s Encrypt certificate makes sure that all the information on your website will be send out encrypted so that no one can intercept this data. Next to protecting your information, having a SSL certificate is also an advantage in your Google position. Having a green locket in your URL bar is positive for your ranking in Google versus not having such a certificate.


Free vs. Paid

We often get the question where people ask what the difference is between the paid and free SSL certificate. The difference between these two is the way of verifying the certificate. A free SSL certificate only needs to be verified by your email address, which means that it is also possible to request a certificate anonymous. A paid certificate requires verifying of the domain owner by using a different IP address. When you click on the locket in your browser you’ll see what kind of certificate is being used on that particular website (not all browsers show this information though). 


How do I install the free SSL certificate?

You can install the SSL certificate through your DirectAdmin panel. First you have to request the certificate as follows:

  • Login in your DirectAdmin panel and click on "SSL Certificates"
  • Select the second box and select "Free & automatic certificate from Let’s Encrypt". Fill out your e-mail address in the white box and click on "Save" to confirm.


Almost done

Now that you have requested the certificate you need to make sure that your website is shown from your private html folder. This is done by creating a shortcut from the private html folder to the public html folder so that the website will be retrieved using a secure connection. To do this, follow the next steps:

  • Go back to the home page of your DirectAdmin panel and click on "Domain Setup"
  • Click on your domain name
  • In the next field you select the second box "Use a symbolic link from private_html to public_html - allows for same data in http and https" and click on "Save" to confirm. NOTE: make sure that you don’t have any remaining important files in your private html folder as this folder is being emptied when as soon as you change this setting. 

Double check!

Check if the https connection of your website works. You do this by adding “https://” in your url browser bar. If everything went okay, you should see a green security locket in front of your domain name in the url bar. Should this not be the case, please check if you may have missed some steps. If you still don’t see the security locket after double checking and having followed all the steps, please contact us by sending an email to info@domeinwinkel.nl. Then we’ll check what’s going on for you.


It might be the case that the https connection is not picked up by your browser immediately. However it is possible to force SSL security by using a plugin such as RealSimpleSSL (for WordPress).


Really, it’s that easy to install SSL on your website! Take advantage of this green locket and its secure environment. Should you have any remaining questions about a free SSL certificate or do you have any other hosting related questions? Please let us know! You can email your question to info@domeinwinkel.nl.