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Protect your information with privacy protect


In a world where you can find all the information online and where secrets are not secret anymore, it’s nice to have a little bit of privacy. That’s why we added the function ‘Privacy Protect’ to your Domeinwinkel account. In this blog we will explain you what this function does.

When registering a domain name, you’ll find your details in the whois so that everyone will know how to contact the owner of the domain name. However, in some cases this can lead to a lot of spam: bots scan whois information and send spam to all the email addresses they encounter.  


ccTLD’s and gTLD’s

The registry of the .nl extension has thought about this and only shows the information of the registrar (Domeinwinkel). It is possible to see the registrant’s (you as domain owner) information, however you first have to prove that you are human by means of a captcha tool. This means that your personal information is protected from bots so that you don’t receive as much spam through e-mail, phone or texting.

A lot of ccTLD’s, country code Top Level Domains, extensions (such as .co.uk and .nl) show whois information as mentioned in the previous example. However, gTLD’s (generic Top Level Domains such as .com and .net) do show all your registrant information in the whois without any form of protection. That’s why we added the option Privacy Protect in your account so that you have control over your own personal information: you decide whether to show or not to show your personal details.


What does ‘Privacy Protect’ do? 

Privacy Protect makes sure that your registrant information is protected from the public so that it is protected from bots and others with maleficent intentions. When using this function, your whois information will be replaced with standard information related to the domain name. For example, it will change your e-mail address to yourdomainname.com@mydomainprovider.com. When sending an email to this address, you’ll see that you will receive an automated response saying that you should contact the registrant through a contact form on mydomainprovider.com. A message sent through the contact form will be sent to you as the domain holder.

Next to that, a standard phone number will be shown in the whois. When dialing this number it will play an automated message saying that the registrant can be reached via e-mail. Bots will have no chance at all: your information will be maximum secured. 

Note: When privacy protect is active for your domain name, your domain will automatically have the status ‘Transfer prohibited’. Should you want to transfer the domain name, you have to deactivate privacy protect before being able to transfer it.


How do I activate privacy protect for my domain?

You can activate privacy protect for your domain in your Domeinwinkel account by following the next steps:

  • Login on your Domeinwinkel account via domeinwinkel.co.uk/account
  • Click on ‘Domains & webhosting’
  • Select the domain name and click on ‘Edit ownership’
  • In this overview select the box ‘Privacy Protect’ and click on the save button to confirm

When you request the whois of your domain now, you’ll see that your personal details have changed to standard information related to your domain name. 

In the same way as explained above you, can deactivate privacy protect: just deselect the privacy protect box.

Note: Privacy protect is not available for all domain extensions. This option is only available for gTLD’s such as .com and .net, but not for ccTLD’s such as co.uk, .nl, and .fr.


The choice is all yours: do you want to protect your information or do you want to be available for all the people that want to get in touch? Should you have any remaining questions about privacy protect or do you want advice, please let us know. We are happy to help you!